Şule’ye Mektup / ALetter to Şule


I was confined* Sule
But I’m all right…
They take care of me, so don’t worry about me
….I think we won’t be able to see each other for a long time due to that reason, I send my regards to my buddies.
Don’t miss your letters…
* In the letter , the second meaning of the word was used  for the word of ‘confine’.
1- confinement; not releasing (noun)
2- to make the rival’s one or a few of the playing pieces immobile on a backgammon; locking (not continue till the end of the game!)
3- imprisoned (adjective)
If I wanted to compare life to a game, this game wouldn’t be a Chess or Go, it would be a ‘Backgammon’;

Hesse  says,  ‘when a humanbeing,  who is coded to live, is forced to think on the threshold of the civilization, he goes astray and becomes problematic ’;  A person who considers that thinking is the only compass in his life can reach a point ahead intellectually. However, he had  already swapped land for sea;  such person drowns one day. Bergman says so: “Everything can happen,  for sure it is possible for everything to happen. In the gauze of reality, wools of imagination start to weave new patterns. (From the movie of Fanny and Alexander….).

And, ‘the black cloth’ on us will be naturally uncovered one day, it is just like a flower that is cold under the snow which protects it from the effect of severe storms; Who knows? The sun will soon rise…the sun will show its beams generously,  the flower will come around, feel comfortable and its roots will go deeper and reach layers on which it will be nourished better;  it will come into blossom and in the end, everyone will say “Such a beautiful and colourful flower it is”…
(tamamı için/for full text)
Fotoğraf çekim yeri/tarihi – Shooting place/date: İstanbul/20.10.2012

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